Red Head Trauma (RHT) recently formed in July 2018, is an original hard rock trio infused with multiple genres creating a unique blend of power chord riffs and eclectic melodic leads. RHT is led by their talented guitar player / frontman John Witschel and backed by a powerhouse of bass and drums, including Green Bay Preble classmate and close friend of John Witschel, bassist Alex Staab, and their recently acquired drummer Brian Dovorany, who found the two musicians by responding to an ad placed at Kavarna, a popular coffee shop in downtown Green Bay.

All Three members have had stage experience and have already managed to write over a dozen original songs together as well as playing a handful of covers adding some familiarity and depth to their live show experience.

Although the band is recently formed they have already hit the open jam scene locally in Green Bay gaining support from local artist. The Band’s goals are to develop a local fan base through playing as many live shows as possible while producing a studio recording of their original material for fans to eventually take with them and share.

Red Head Trauma